Coworking Spaces in Baltimore

When it comes to coworking spaces in Baltimore, the city offers a diverse range of options to accommodate part-time workers, freelancers, startups, and businesses of all sizes. These Baltimore coworking spaces are characterized by their modern designs and cutting-edge technology infrastructure, creating an environment that not only enhances productivity but also streamlines workflows effectively.

With a welcoming and cozy ambiance, these coworking spaces offer a refreshing departure from traditional cubicle setups. Individuals tend to thrive in such environments, making them ideal for various corporate needs. Baltimore hosts numerous coworking spaces, including both established names and emerging local brands, all maintaining high standards and providing top-notch amenities and facilities.

Each of these spaces ensures that all prerequisites are well taken care of, enabling smooth and efficient work processes without unnecessary delays. To assist you in finding the perfect coworking space in Baltimore, we’ve carefully curated a list of the finest options below, complete with pricing details and unique benefits. Explore these choices to uncover the ideal workspace solution for your needs.

Coworking Spaces in Baltimore

Top Coworking Spaces in Baltimore 2023

Baltimore is home to several remarkable coworking spaces, each offering an array of high-quality amenities and benefits to meet diverse business requirements. These spaces have become favored destinations for businesses of all sizes, including prominent corporations. Here, we present some of the top choices among Baltimore’s coworking spaces. Explore these options to discover the ideal workspace solution for your needs.

1. Spark Baltimore

Spark Baltimore

Spark Baltimore, a local coworking gem, stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking a dynamic coworking space in Baltimore. This workspace offers an array of modern amenities and conveniences. At Spark, you’ll have access to a well-equipped kitchen and secure indoor bike parking facilities, making it a hassle-free environment. Additionally, the space features a fitness center for your use, ensuring that your well-being is prioritized.

For those who commute, finding parking is a breeze, further enhancing the ease of working here. Spark Baltimore also offers comfortable lounge spaces, where you can focus and collaborate effectively. Plus, you can indulge in high-quality coffee and beer, making your workdays enjoyable.

What sets Spark Baltimore apart is its vibrant community, with a calendar brimming with professional and social member-only events. These gatherings create networking opportunities and provide valuable insights for startups and small businesses.

Membership Plans: Membership Plans at Spark Baltimore cater to various needs, offering options such as mailbox services, day passes, workstations, private offices, and meeting rooms. A day pass can be obtained for just $15, while a meeting room is available at a rate of $50 per hour.

Location: 8 Market Pl #300, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA

Contact: (410) 240-2107

2. Accent Coworking

Accent Coworking

Nestled in the heart of Baltimore’s Downtown/West Side, Accent Coworking presents an ideal workspace tailored for remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Prioritizing connectivity, collaboration, and productivity, this coworking space offers flexible arrangements at budget-friendly rates. Members at Accent Coworking can enjoy an extensive range of amenities, including various workspace options, printing services, conference rooms, and a fitness facility. With round-the-clock access and complimentary coffee and snacks, this space ensures a conducive work environment.

Notably, Accent Coworking is a pet-friendly space, fostering a welcoming and collaborative community that encourages networking and professional growth among like-minded individuals.

Membership Plans: Accent Coworking offers diverse membership plans, starting at $199 per month for an unassigned desk, $299 per month for a dedicated desk, $399 per month for a single private office, and $449 per month for a double/triple private office. Additionally, there’s an option for a virtual office at $99 per month.

Location: 306 W Redwood St., Suite 300, Baltimore, MD 21201

Contact: 410-205-5558

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3. Spaces – Baltimore

Spaces – Baltimore

For those seeking to enhance focus and productivity while escaping the challenges of working from home, Spaces offers an exceptional coworking solution. Globally recognized for its flexibility and spacious workstations, Spaces finds its home in the vibrant Stadium Square of south Baltimore. This strategic location boasts easy accessibility via various public transportation options, ensuring a hassle-free commute. Notably, the space also features in-house restaurants and cafes, allowing you to savor diverse dishes or enjoy your favorite cup of coffee without leaving the premises.

Spaces Coworking in Baltimore offers a wealth of high-quality amenities to elevate your work experience. With over 125 parking spots, finding a convenient parking space is a breeze. Additional perks include access to meeting rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi, a vibrant lounge area, networking events, and 24/7 accessibility.

Membership Plans: Spaces Coworking in Baltimore provides various membership options to suit your needs. Private office spaces are available at $355 per month, while coworking membership can be secured for $269 per month. For those seeking a dedicated desk, this option is offered at $339 per month.

Location: 145 W Ostend St Suite 600, Baltimore, MD 21230

Contact: (667) 677-6100

4. Officense: Baltimore

Officense Baltimore

Nestled within a prominent Inner Harbor location, Officense Baltimore stands as a haven for individuals in pursuit of a professional office environment. Established in 2006, this coworking space is strategically positioned within a class A commercial building, accommodating the diverse needs of professionals, be it small startups, established companies, or creative freelancers. Notably, Officense Baltimore offers tailored solutions spanning a wide spectrum, including legal, financial, therapy, real estate, non-profit, and contractor services.

This coworking space boasts an array of amenities, ensuring a productive and convenient work environment. Features include high-speed internet, a well-equipped kitchen, fully-furnished conference rooms, a proficient administrative team, A/V equipment, a local business address, and more.

Membership Plans: Officense Baltimore offers a variety of rental options, encompassing meeting rooms, private offices, training rooms, and more. With all essential amenities included, private office rentals start at $99 per month.

Location: 300 E Lombard St #840, Baltimore, MD 21202

Contact: (410) 814-7500

5. Brewers Hill Hub

Brewers Hill Hub

Brewers Hill Hub offers a convenient option for coworking spaces in Baltimore, Maryland. This local coworking brand provides 24/7 access to their shared office spaces, making it hassle-free for professionals. Complimentary parking is an added perk, ensuring a seamless experience. Additionally, Brewers Hill Hub Baltimore offers free coffee throughout the day, contributing to a smooth workflow with high-speed, high-quality internet.

The location is surrounded by a variety of high-quality restaurants and cafes, and multiple commuting options make travel easy. Overall, these spaces are a fantastic choice for coworking.

Membership Plans: Brewers Hill Hub provides rental options for private offices, office suites, cubes, and desks. A single desk rental starts at $275 per month. For detailed pricing information, please visit their website.

Location: 3700 O’Donnell St Suite 200, Baltimore, MD 21224, USA

Contact: (410) 327-4040

6. Regus Baltimore

Regus Baltimore

Regus is a well-known option for coworking in Baltimore, with five prime locations across the city. These shared office spaces provide all the essential amenities and perks for various types of businesses. They are fully equipped and serviced, offering features like business lounges and meeting rooms. Additionally, Regus Baltimore offers virtual office rentals, making it a versatile choice for professionals.

Commute options are plentiful in the area, ensuring accessibility. Members can enjoy exclusive perks and facilities at these coworking spaces.

Membership Plans: Regus offers private offices, business lounges, meeting rooms, virtual offices, and more. The starting price for a private office rental is $207 per month.

Address 1: 400 East Pratt Street 8th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21202
Address 2: Legg Mason Tower,100 International Drive, 23rd Floor, Baltimore, MD 21202

Address 1: (443) 759-3000
Address 2: (443) 759-3500

7. The A. Hoen & Co. Lithograph Building

The A. Hoen & Co. Lithograph Building Coworking

A. Hoen & Co. Lithograph Building Baltimore is a collaborative workspace designed to meet the unique needs of professionals with a clear mission and vision. This coworking space offers flexible and affordable workspaces, including private offices, shared spaces, virtual offices, well-equipped meeting rooms, training rooms, and advanced classrooms. With its spacious and aesthetically pleasing environment, A. Hoen & Co. Lithograph Building provides individuals with an ideal setting to share ideas and thrive in their careers.

Amenities at this dynamic coworking space include high-speed Wi-Fi, phone rooms, a shared kitchen, mailbox and concierge services, free parking, complimentary coffee, well-furnished meeting rooms, and a vibrant breakout area.

Membership Plans: A day pass at A. Hoen & Co. Lithograph Building Baltimore is priced at $15. For coworking memberships, they offer two options: Drop-in desk and Dedicated desk, available at $150 and $250 per month, respectively. Additionally, private office options are available, with prices ranging from $575 to $1900 per month to accommodate teams of various sizes.

Location: A. Hoen and Co., 2101 E Biddle St, Baltimore, MD 21213

Contact: (443) 573-4066

8. 1100 Wicomico Baltimore

1100 Wicomico Baltimore Cowork

Discover the innovative environment of 1100 Wicomico, an ideal space for professionals dedicated to product development. This coworking space is a creative hub for tech firms, small-scale manufacturers, industrial creators, artisans, boutique manufacturers, service providers, and more. They offer flexible pricing, allowing you to pay only for the specific services you require. Whether you’re an individual or part of a team, their well-lit workstations are thoughtfully designed to create a productive and welcoming atmosphere.

1100 Wicomico Baltimore provides a range of top-notch amenities and benefits, including a parking garage, high-speed internet, elevators, bicycle parking, and even an on-site microbrewery. Additionally, their well-appointed event space is suitable for hosting various events, from pop-up shows and art exhibitions to industrial gatherings.

Membership Plans: You can choose from a flex desk and dedicated desk, priced at $175 and $275 per month, respectively. Private office options include Interior Private Office and Exterior Private Office, starting at $495 and $725 per month, respectively.

Location: 1100 Wicomico St, Baltimore, MD 21230

Contact: (410) 650-2510

Final Words

In Baltimore, you have several excellent options for coworking spaces. These spaces come fully equipped and provide comprehensive services. Many of them offer exclusive benefits to members, along with a wide range of perks and facilities. Some additional choices for coworking spaces in Baltimore include The Co-Balt Workspace, Impact Hub, and Beehive, among others. The list above highlights some of the city’s finest coworking options, catering to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Additionally, these spaces offer flexible pricing plans to accommodate various preferences.

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