What are the Best Coworking Space Software Solutions 2024?

The worldwide health crisis accelerated the rise of coworking, establishing it as a lasting feature in future office designs.

Amid the challenges that come with designing and managing coworking spaces, there’s also the crucial aspect of choosing the right software for coworking spaces.

Opting for the best coworking software brings several clear benefits, especially if your goal is to create an office environment that boosts productivity and ensures overall happiness.

Additionally, modern coworking office space software offers features like automated billing, real-time space availability updates, and community-building tools, all of which contribute to a seamless and enjoyable coworking experience.

Here, we highlight some of the best coworking space software solutions, listed in no particular order, that you should consider for your workspace.

best coworking space software

What is Coworking Management Software?

Coworking management software serves as a comprehensive solution, streamlining and automating the diverse administrative and operational tasks integral to the seamless functioning of a coworking space.

Key features encompassed by these software solutions include, but are not limited to:

  1. Membership Management
  2. Desk and Room Booking
  3. Billing and Invoicing
  4. Resource Management
  5. Access Control and Security
  6. Community Building
  7. Analytics and Reporting

In essence, coworking management software empowers users to concentrate on cultivating a vibrant coworking community while ensuring a smooth and efficient workspace environment.

Discovering the best coworking management software is crucial for enhancing workspace efficiency. Here’s a guide to some of the top solutions available to help you seamlessly run your workspace.

Best Coworking Space Software Solutions 2024

Quick Overview of software for coworking spaces

SoftwareKey FeaturesPricingTrial/Demo
Yardi KubeAll-in-one platform, lead management, billing, Wi-Fi connectivityStarting at $X per monthFree Demo
Engage AppsWhite-label solution, free registration for 5 members, inbuilt support, ticketing systemPricing details available upon inquiryBook a Free Demo
NexudusComprehensive management, member onboarding, billing, analyticsStarting at $150 per month for 25 usersFree 21-day Trial
CobotInitiative coworking management, self-service and admin-only bookingPricing details available upon inquiryAvailable
OptixMobile-friendly, desk booking, member communication, billingPricing details available upon inquiryFree Trial
OfficeRnDAutomated billing and payments, multi-location billing, room and desk booking, analyticsPricing details available upon inquiryAvailable
ProximityRoom and desk booking, virtual floor plans, real-time reportingStarting at $X per monthFree Demo
AndcardsCustomizable member portal and app, free demo, pricing starts at $170 per monthStarting at $170 per month for 80 usersBook a Free Demo
ArchieThree apps for management, room and desk display, visitor check-inPricing details available upon inquiryAvailable
DeskworksCloud-based management, user-friendly portal, real-time reportsStarting at $95 per month for 30 membersFree Trial
CoWorking OpsCloud-based, customizable, automated invoice and payment, plug-and-play integrationsPricing details available upon inquiryAvailable

1. Yardi Cube

yardi cube

Yardi Kube stands out as a robust coworking management software, offering a comprehensive, all-in-one management platform designed for coworking and flex space operators of any size. Developed by real estate technology leader Yardi, this unique workspace management software is a game-changer.

Yardi Kube’s versatility encompasses lead management, space marketing, self-service bookings, automated billing, and enterprise-level Wi-Fi connectivity management. By automating operational tasks, it ensures a seamless experience for users.

The mobile member app takes user convenience to the next level, enabling self-reservation of desk space and meeting rooms. It also facilitates event creation, interactive discussion boards, and provides options for customized pricing, subscriptions, and easy renewals. Yardi Kube is your go-to solution for optimizing coworking space management and enhancing the user experience.

2. Engage Apps

Engage Apps

Let’s dive into the spotlight on Engage Apps, a noteworthy white-label solution taking the coworking management software scene by storm.

One standout aspect of Engage is its offering of a white-label solution, granting you the flexibility of free registration for up to five active members. This not only fosters growth in your coworking community but also ensures effective cost management of your software.

Engage Apps comes packed with valuable features, positioning it among the best coworking management software options available. With inbuilt support and a user-friendly ticketing solution, this software streamlines operations by assigning user-generated tickets to designated support specialists.

For those seeking top-notch software for coworking spaces, Engage Apps emerges as a versatile and cost-effective solution that seamlessly combines functionality with user-friendly features.

Engage offers a budget-friendly starting point at just $149 per month for up to 100 members in a single location, with the option to opt for customized packages tailored to your needs.

One notable advantage of Engage is its user-friendly ticket system, making issue reporting a breeze. Members can effortlessly utilize the in-house ticketing system to connect with support specialists, receiving timely notifications of any responses.

Engage stands out for several reasons, positioning it at the pinnacle of coworking management software solutions:

  1. Free White Label Mobile Apps: Enjoy the benefits of custom-branded mobile apps without additional costs.
  2. Free Support and Training: Engage prioritizes your success with complimentary support and training resources.
  3. Free Visitor Management Apps: Elevate your coworking space with visitor management apps at no extra charge.
  4. Great User Interface and Ease of Use: Engage is designed for simplicity, boasting a user-friendly interface that ensures ease of use for all members.

Explore Engage for an affordable and feature-rich coworking management solution that excels in user experience and functionality.

3. Nexudus

Nexudus offers an all-encompassing solution for managing meetings, room bookings, desk allocations, and digital signage through its coworking management software. With an integrated CRM, tracking clients and nurturing relationships becomes effortlessly efficient.


You can experience the full range of Nexudus’ core features by trying it for free over 21 days. For continued access, pricing starts from just $150 for 25 active users per location. This includes benefits like the members’ app, a learning portal, free integrations, and more.

Discover the power of Nexudus in seamlessly managing your workspace, ensuring a productive and collaborative environment for all users. Try it for free or explore the affordable pricing options for continued access to its comprehensive suite of features.

4. Cobot


Cobot presents an intuitive coworking management system designed to simplify resource management for your workspace. This comprehensive solution provides both self-service and admin-only booking options, streamlining the management of all your coworking spaces with one user-friendly platform.

The white-label service offered by Cobot allows you to personalize your invoicing and create a fully customized member portal. Infuse your brand identity into every detail by adding your company colors, logo, and more, truly personalizing your coworking management software.

Experience the ease and flexibility of resource management with Cobot, where simplicity meets customization to enhance your coworking space operations.

5. Proximity


When it comes to coworking management for your workspace, Proximity stands out as an impressive choice. This versatile platform facilitates everything from room and desk reservations to onsite check-ins and efficient Wi-Fi management.

Experience the convenience of Proximity’s virtual floor plans, allowing you to access a customized office map and identify available workspaces within seconds. If you’re curious about the utilization of your office space, Proximity’s robust reporting tools provide real-time insights into reserved workspaces and their occupancy.

Choose Proximity for a comprehensive coworking management solution that empowers you to effortlessly control and optimize your workspace operations.

6. Optix


Optix stands as a robust coworking system, seamlessly automating your workspace while bringing additional perks, including member discounts. Unlocking the potential for increased revenue is made easy with Optix’s powerful web widgets, enabling the creation of custom forms and lead capture directly from your website.

One standout feature of Optix is the ability to fashion a white-labeled, mobile-first app, providing a fully customizable workspace. This not only streamlines operations but also enhances the overall user experience, allowing for a personalized and efficient coworking environment which is making it one of the best coworking space software 2024.

7. OfficeRnD


OfficeRnD takes coworking management to the next level with its fully automated system, dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of your coworking spaces. From automated billing and payments to versatile plans and recurring memberships, it even supports multi-location billing. Booking rooms online is a breeze for both members and guests, and the floorplan booking system provides a comprehensive view of the available spaces.

The power of customization lies in OfficeRnD’s custom dashboards, allowing you to swiftly create a personalized dashboard or opt for one of the pre-built options. This feature-rich platform ensures you and your team have a detailed and tailored view of your resources.

Discover the top-tier coworking software platform with OfficeRnD, where seamless automation meets personalized efficiency for a dynamic coworking experience.

8. Andcards


Unlock the potential of efficient coworking space management with Andcards by booking a free demo. Explore how this comprehensive coworking membership management software can help you oversee all available spaces, monitor occupancy, and manage individual members with ease. From generating invoices to applying credits, Andcards empowers you to foster a vibrant community by facilitating user check-ins as needed.

Pricing for Andcards starts at $170 per month, accommodating 80 active users across two locations. This inclusive package covers room and desk booking, a community directory, 24/7 support, and extra perks like shop products and credits.

Experience the power of Andcards, a software solution designed for coworking spaces, where efficiency meets functionality for a seamless coworking management experience.

9. Archie


Archie introduces a trio of apps aimed at simplifying the management of your coworking space, offering exceptional features for multi-location resources. The Archie Rooms app effortlessly showcases desks and meeting rooms, while the Archie Kiosk app ensures seamless check-ins for visitors.

Experience the power of Archie with a free demo, allowing you to explore all the features and test this robust software before making any commitments. Archie stands out as one of the best coworking space software solutions, providing unparalleled functionality and ease of use.

Discover why Archie is recognized as one of the best coworking software options, where innovative apps converge to streamline your coworking space management experience.

10. Deskworks


Deskworks revolutionizes workspace management with its cloud-based coworking management software, offering an all-in-one solution accessible through a single tool. Dive into the Deskworks experience by signing up for a free trial and exploring the user-friendly member portal and companion app. Gain a comprehensive overview of vital information, reservations, credits, passes, and more.

Unlock the power of real-time insights with Deskworks. Instantly generate reports, analyze sales data, and create custom reports tailored to your preferences.

Starting at just $95 per month for 30 members, Deskworks’ coworking management software ensures you enjoy unlimited account admins, non-member access, secure credit card storage, a personalized brand experience, and dedicated human-scale support.

Discover why Deskworks is recognized as one of the top coworking software solutions, offering unparalleled efficiency and support for your workspace management needs.

11. CoWorking Ops

coworkig ops

Explore the flexibility and customization benefits of CoWorking Ops, a leading cloud-based coworking management software. Tailored to meet individual client requirements, this platform stands out for its adaptability and user-friendly features.

Experience the convenience of automated invoice and payment collection, seamlessly integrated into CoWorking Ops. The software also offers plug-and-play compliant integrations, ensuring popularity among users seeking a streamlined coworking management experience.

Discover why CoWorking Ops is recognized as one of the best coworking management software options including India, combining flexibility, user-friendliness, and efficient workspace management capabilities.

Choosing the Best Coworking Space Software Solutions

Selecting the best coworking space software holds the key to streamlining operations and enhancing client retention. This choice is instrumental in enabling coworking spaces, irrespective of their size, to deliver a member experience that competes with industry giants.

Choosing the appropriate software can transform the dynamics of coworking spaces, allowing them to provide a seamless and competitive experience that resonates with members, fostering growth and loyalty within the community.

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