10 Notable Startups that Emerged from Coworking Spaces – Instagram, Uber & more

In the realm of modern workspaces, coworking spaces have become widespread, offering a dynamic environment that has notably supported entrepreneurs and startups in recent years. The advantages are many, ranging from cost savings and the absence of setup charges to the invaluable support of a vibrant community and mentorship opportunities.

These spaces also facilitate networking and collaboration, fostering innovation and growth. With flexible membership options and access to amenities like meeting rooms and event spaces, coworking spaces cater to diverse needs. Moreover, they promote a healthy work-life balance, making them an attractive choice for professionals seeking a versatile and inspiring workspace.

The growth of coworking spaces over the past decade has been nothing short of remarkable, firmly establishing itself as a transformative concept. The evidence of its success is not only in the numerous benefits it provides but also in the fact that several now-prominent corporate entities had their humble beginnings in these shared work environments.

In this post, we shine a light on 10 well-known companies that began their journey in coworking spaces, eventually evolving into major corporate players. While these enterprises have since transitioned to having their own dedicated office spaces, it’s intriguing to note that they still attribute a significant part of their success to the nurturing environment and collaborative spirit fostered by coworking communities. Join us as we unravel the fascinating stories behind these startups, highlighting the enduring impact of shared workspaces on their growth paths.

startups that started in coworking space

Startups That Launched from Shared Workspaces

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, they often say it’s all about the idea. And indeed, it is. However, beyond the brilliance of an idea lies the critical factor of implementation. For startups, often grappling with limited resources and navigating the challenge of securing funding, the role of coworking spaces becomes pivotal. It’s in these shared environments that some startups not only find a lifeline but go on to achieve remarkable success.

Join us on a journey as we delve into the stories of ten exceptional companies that didn’t just kick off in coworking spaces but went on to carve their names in the business world. These are tales of resilience, collaboration, and innovation that highlight the transformative power of coworking spaces in shaping the destiny of startups. Let’s uncover the unique narratives behind these success stories, where the seeds of ambition were sown in the camaraderie of shared workspaces.

Facebook time-hop app

Ever come across posts on Facebook with captions like “1 year ago” from your friends? Enter the Time-Hop app, a significant tool that enables users to receive reminders about photos or videos posted on specific dates in the past. It’s more than just an app; it’s a fascinating way to stroll down memory lane and reconnect with people.

What adds an extra layer of intrigue to this app is its origin story—it was conceived and built in a coworking space. The founder of Timehop attests to the brilliance of working in such collaborative environments. When a tech giant like Facebook chooses coworking spaces to house major departments, it solidifies the efficiency and appeal of these shared workspaces. Join us as we explore the unique narrative behind the creation of the Timehop app, where innovation and memories converge in the vibrant atmosphere of coworking spaces.


Chances are, you have an Instagram account—a fabulous app that has become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring foodies, travel bloggers, and ushering in the era of the selfie. What might surprise you is that this social media powerhouse was conceived in a coworking space.

The brainchild of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the founders of Instagram, this app has not only left an indelible mark on social media but also underscores the vital role coworking communities played in its inception. In the words of the duo, the journey was no walk in the park, and the support of coworking spaces proved instrumental, especially during challenging times.

Amidst setbacks and failures, the founders persevered, dedicating eight weeks to the app’s development before successfully launching it on both iOS and Android platforms. Instagram’s subsequent acquisition by Facebook only solidifies the narrative of how coworking spaces can be pivotal for startups and entrepreneurs. Join us as we unravel the captivating tale behind Instagram’s origin—a story of determination, collaboration, and the supportive environment provided by coworking spaces.


Uber, a globally recognized platform, originated from the vision to address San Francisco‘s taxi challenges and has since expanded worldwide. The inception of Uber took shape in a coworking space, where the collaborative environment and support from a robust professional community played a pivotal role in devising a solution to the transportation issue. Today, Uber stands as one of the most sought-after online cab systems globally, exemplifying the impact of coworking spaces in fostering innovative solutions.


Imagine one of the coolest tech startups, Spotify, kickstarting its journey in a coworking haven called RocketSpace. Today, it boasts a staggering 159 million active users, with an annual revenue that reaches truly monumental heights. In 2017 alone, they soared to nearly 5 billion dollars. The wow factor? All of this began within the collaborative walls of a coworking space.

Fast forward, and Spotify is now estimated to hold a valuation of $8 billion, reinforcing the notion that coworking spaces serve as fertile grounds for the genesis of not only startups but major corporate players. The journey of Spotify underscores how these shared spaces can be the nurturing cradle for ventures that evolve into tremendous success stories. Join us as we unravel the unique tale behind Spotify’s ascent—a symphony of innovation, collaboration, and the vibrant spirit of coworking spaces.


In the year 2011, a small startup named Wanderfly emerged with a noble motive—to bridge the significant market gap for travelers. Their vision was clear: make travel feasible for everyone, regardless of the destination. What adds a unique touch to this startup’s story is its humble beginnings within the walls of a coworking space.

In a remarkably short time, Wanderfly became a massive hit, gaining traction and acclaim. The startup’s success story reached a pinnacle when, just a year into operations, it was acquired by the renowned website TripAdvisor. This stands as yet another testament to the potential for success that can sprout from the collaborative environment of a coworking space. Join us as we uncover the distinctive journey of Wanderfly—a testament to the transformative power of startups that find their roots in coworking spaces and go on to achieve remarkable heights.


The success story of Hootsuite is intricately woven into the fabric of coworking environments, where the power of networking and collaboration thrived. In today’s business landscape, social media is a non-negotiable aspect of any comprehensive marketing strategy and online presence. However, the challenge lies in maintaining a robust social media presence across the myriad channels available.

In 2008, Ryan Holmes envisioned a solution to this challenge. He crafted a software that could seamlessly integrate across all major social media platforms, from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. This ingenious solution became known as Hootsuite. Join us as we delve into the unique narrative behind Hootsuite’s genesis—a story that began in the collaborative embrace of coworking spaces and has since evolved into an integral tool for managing social media presence across diverse platforms.


In the realm of code-related conundrums, a game-changer emerged in the form of Nuracode—a company that not only resolves coding issues but also provides digital strategy solutions. What’s intriguing is its humble origin as a small startup in a coworking space, blossoming into a formidable player in the software industry.

What began as a modest venture has now evolved into a significant software giant, catering to the needs of Fortune 500 nations seeking top-notch software development. Nuracode’s journey is a testament to the transformative potential embedded in the collaborative and dynamic environment of coworking spaces. Join us as we unravel the story of Nuracode—a company that started small but now stands tall in the realm of code mastery and digital strategy solutions.

Charity: Water

In the landscape of coworking spaces, it’s not only big businesses that find their beginnings but also significant non-profit organizations. Charity: Water is a prime example, embarking on a mission to provide safe drinking water to countless people globally. Its inception dates back to 2006, and since then, it has successfully executed over 21,000 projects. The key to their impactful journey? Embracing the coworking trend.

This non-profit’s success story underscores the transformative power of collaborative workspaces, where the ethos of shared ideas and communal support foster initiatives that transcend traditional boundaries. Join us as we explore the heartwarming journey of Charity: Water—a testament to the profound impact that a mission-driven organization can achieve when rooted in the collaborative spirit of coworking spaces.


In the dynamic landscape of job searches and employment opportunities in the United States, ZipRecruiter stands as a pivotal platform for both seekers and employers. Launched in 2010 by Ian Siegel, Joe Edmonds, Ward Poulos, and Will Redd, this startup found its roots in a coworking space based in Los Angeles.

ZipRecruiter’s journey began with a commitment to connecting businesses with the best talent. Over the years, it has evolved into a profitable company, contributing to the success of numerous other businesses. As of 2018, the platform had already been utilized by a staggering 430 million job seekers and over 1.5 million enterprises.

Despite its youthfulness, ZipRecruiter has quickly earned its place among the top names in the employment sector. The company’s innovative approach has significantly simplified the process for qualified job candidates to discover and secure employment opportunities. Join us as we delve into the story of ZipRecruiter—a tale of transformation from a Los Angeles coworking space to a leading force in the employment industry.


In the realm of startups championing sustainability and green initiatives, Ofo emerges as a noteworthy player. Founded in 2014, this Chinese bike-sharing firm set its wheels in motion within the collaborative confines of a coworking facility in London. Since its inception, Ofo has pedaled its way into 21 other nations, offering a unique and convenient bike-sharing service.

With Ofo, renting a bike in any of the 250 cities worldwide becomes a hassle-free experience. No need to fret about finding a designated station or ponder over how to secure your ride—Ofo’s station-free approach promotes seamless accessibility. As the largest “station-free” bike-sharing company currently, Ofo is not just about bikes; it’s about cultivating a green lifestyle, fostering the sharing economy, and advocating sustainable living.

Who knows, in the future, Ofo might establish itself as the “Uber for bicycles,” reshaping urban transportation with a pedal-powered revolution. Join us as we explore the journey of Ofo—a startup blending eco-consciousness with innovative mobility solutions, all stemming from the collaborative roots of a London coworking space.

Final Words

The showcased startups have achieved remarkable success, and interestingly, each one attributes part of its journey to the fostering environment of coworking spaces. It’s evident that coworking holds a special place in the hearts of these flourishing ventures. Undoubtedly, coworking spaces stand out as a beacon of support for startups and entrepreneurs, proving to be a catalyst for their exponential growth. The stories of these successful ventures underscore the invaluable role that coworking environments play in shaping the trajectory of emerging businesses.

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