Discovering the Best Coworking Environments in American Metropolises

In the dynamic landscape of workspaces, coworking environments have emerged as the undeniable future. Experiencing a remarkable growth rate of over 200% from 2013 to 2018, with a steady average increase of 23% between 2010 and 2018, these communal workspaces have reshaped the way we perceive productivity and cost-efficiency.

The traditional cubicles and closed-off office spaces are no longer the epitome of effectiveness. The shift towards coworking has proven to be revolutionary, breaking free from conventional norms. Notably, industry giants like Microsoft and Facebook have eagerly embraced this paradigm shift, recognizing the unparalleled benefits of strategic outsourcing and shared workspaces.

The rise of coworking signifies a departure from traditional office setups, with industry leaders like Microsoft and Facebook acknowledging the advantages of collaborative workspaces. This shift has redefined workplace effectiveness, emphasizing flexibility, creativity, and community-driven innovation.

For those aspiring to nurture a successful business idea, it’s crucial to identify the ideal coworking environments that prioritize speed, collaboration, and productivity. Dive into the following locations, as they stand out for fostering an atmosphere where your business can thrive.

coworking in american metropolis

Seattle, Washington

In Seattle, the vibrant freelance economy has sparked a surge in the demand for coworking spaces. Why commit to renting an entire office when your work doesn’t require it? Yet, like any locale, living in Seattle comes with its own set of pros and cons, adding a unique flavor to the experience:


  1. Enjoy the absence of personal income taxes, unless you hit the high-income threshold.
  2. While not the priciest, rent in Seattle falls somewhere between expensive and affordable.


  1. Brace yourself for chilly temperatures, which might be a bit unsettling if you’re accustomed to warmer climates.
  2. Commuting during peak hours can be a test of patience due to heavy traffic.
  3. A crime rate 115% higher than the national average may make long-term stays less appealing.

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Los Angeles

While Los Angeles might be infamous for its high cost of living and notorious traffic, the drawbacks pretty much stop there. Beyond being a hotspot for entrepreneurs seeking outsourcing and coworking prospects, LA proves to be an inviting city for families if the budget allows.

The City of Angels boasts a plethora of coworking spaces, and when it comes to finding a quality furnished apartment, the options are abundant. However, a word of caution: not all furnished apartment providers are created equal.

Consider Blueground, for instance. They specialize in providing turnkey experiences, allowing freelancers, homeowners, and other business travelers to seamlessly move in instantly and indefinitely. Offering a “home away from home” ambiance, complete with sophisticated decor, fully furnished interiors, essential appliances, and 24/7 services accessible via a convenient mobile app, Blueground ensures a hassle-free living experience.

With the convenience of coworking spaces, move-in-ready furnished apartments, and ample opportunities for industry collaborations, Los Angeles emerges as one of the prime American cities for entrepreneurs and freelancers alike.

New York City, New York

When it comes to the world of business and industry, New York undoubtedly takes the lead! However, let’s not sugarcoat it—New York City also proudly wears the crown for being the most expensive option on the block, whether you’re opting for shared working spaces or not. But fear not, there’s a savvy approach to navigate this bustling business landscape.

Consider exploring smaller chains that offer coworking opportunities rather than going for the giants in the industry. Sometimes, the hidden gems in the coworking spaces can provide the perfect blend of affordability and a dynamic work environment, offering a unique and tailored experience in the heart of the Big Apple.

Los Angeles

Living in Los Angeles comes with its share of challenges—the high cost of living and notorious traffic being the main contenders. However, don’t let these drawbacks overshadow the city’s enticing perks. LA isn’t just a hotspot for entrepreneurial opportunities; it’s a welcoming haven for families if the budget allows.

Coworking spaces are aplenty in the City of Angels, offering a diverse selection for professionals. The quest for quality furnished apartments is met with an extensive list, but a word of caution: choose your furnished apartment provider wisely.

Consider the offerings of Blueground, for instance. They specialize in delivering a turnkey experience, ensuring that freelancers, homeowners, and other business travelers can seamlessly move in instantly and indefinitely. Imagine a “home away from home” with tasteful decor, fully furnished interiors, essential appliances, and 24/7 services accessible through a user-friendly mobile app.

The abundance of coworking spaces, coupled with move-in-ready furnished apartments and extensive networking opportunities, positions Los Angeles as an ideal hub for entrepreneurs and freelancers alike. It’s not just a city; it’s an experience waiting to be explored and embraced.


In the vibrant landscape of Los Angeles, where challenges meet opportunities, the high cost of living and bustling traffic fade against the backdrop of a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. With abundant coworking spaces, quality furnished apartments, and the promise of fruitful collaborations, LA stands as an unrivaled haven for the modern professional.

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